What's up guys? Do I have a cutie for you guys this week. This guy James is so hot, we saw him from afar and knew he would be perfect for the bait bus. He was like a real manly man. So we drove up to him, and he was about to go walking to the downtown jail to bail out his baby mama. We told him he was crazy if walked there, because it was way to far. We offered him a ride, but he was hesitant, so Cameron took it upon herself to shove her tits in his face, and he looked real happy after that. He ended up getting on the bus with us. We told him that Cameron had short term memory loss, and that is we had to take the camera with us everywhere we went. He totally fell for it. While we were on the bus Cameron kept flashing her tits and shoving them in his face. She even straight out asked him if she could suck his dick. He was so hesitant about doing it on camera, that she told him he was gay. Once he heard that he went along with the blindfolding plan. Let me tell you this guy had a big ass dick, and an amazing body, quite a catch I might say. Jamie sucked his dick like he wanted up his ass right away. Well when he finally saw that it was Jamie sucking on his cock, he was pretty upset. We let him know about Cameron's supposed obsession with having a guy fuck another guy to get to her, and he basically asked for seven thousand dollars to fuck Jamie. Can you believe that. I mean he was hot and everything, but good thing we don't actually pay them.

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